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Verizon Wireless Outlet (Photo : Getty )

Verizon has announced that he wireless carrier is taking action against "data hogs" with unlimited data plans. Beginning this fall, Verizon customers who often use 100GB of data will have their Internet connection turned off if they do not reduce their data usage or switch to a limited data plan. It is unclear what caused the United States telecom to change its data use policies, although it is likely related to video streaming and grandfathered plans, and maybe Pokemon Go fever.     

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Verizon reported that it will contact some customers asking them to switch to a managed data plan. They allow up to 100GB per month for $450.

This month the telecom giant will inform people using a sky-high amount of data that they have about a month to move off their unlimited data plan. The deadline is August 31.    

If the data hogs do not switch to a new plan the New York-based company will disconnect their accounts. Verizon subscribers will then have 50 days to re-activate them to a new limited plan.

The US telecom told Ars Technica that few customers are using 100GB every month. It believes the data usage is very high because the biggest monthly plan offers that data cap as a shared data bucket used by multiple mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.   

Verizon has recently been taking various steps to reduce the number of customers with unlimited data plans, by moving them to limited data plans.

The US' largest wireless service provider also recently jacked up its unlimited data plan from $30 for grandfathered customers to $50, according to Digital Trends.    

In related news, Verizon is reportedly near finalizing its purchase of tech company Yahoo. The two companies were in talks on July 22, Thursday and could soon announce a business deal.

Verizon's purchase could be close to $5 billion, according to USA Today. However, the deal could still fall apart because it is not final.   

Yahoo's board of directors started looking for a buyer four months ago. That followed its pulling away from a spin-off of its stake in Chinese retail giant Alibaba over tax issues. Yahoo wanted to sell its core business to separate it from that investment. 

Here's a video on a Verizon unlimited/rollover plan: