• Shanghai Disney Resort officially opened on June 16, 2016.

Shanghai Disney Resort officially opened on June 16, 2016. (Photo : Getty Images)

Unlike the excitement Shanghai Disney Resort has witnessed sine it opened in June, the park has seen continued waning of its consumers' enthusiasm in recent weeks, the Global Times reported.

Experts, however, noted that the drop is considered normal given the hyped up expectation and promotion prior the opening of the Disney resort.

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News outlet news.china.com noted that the loss of enthusiasm may be attributed to shorter lines and cheaper tickets.

"The rush to buy tickets is no longer taking place as it did in March when Shanghai Disney began to sell tickets," a ticket agent on Alibaba's online shopping portal taobao.com told the Global Times.

"Ticket prices were driven as high as 560 yuan ($84) on taobao.com on the opening day, but now someone only needs to spend 450 yuan to get one adult ticket from our online shop," the agent, who asked not to be named, further shared.

As stated on its website, a Shanghai Disney Resort one-day ticket price is at 499 yuan for adults and 375 for children and senior citizens.

"We will not adjust the ticket price on taobao.com before August 31, but after that, the price will ease further as the end of the summer vacation will somewhat cut into market demand," the taobao.com vendor said.

"After a month of operation, demand for the 'wonderland' normalized," Song Ding, a China Development Institute market analyst, told the publication.

Song stressed out the current statistic in the park's visitor levels just reflect the market demand.

"Online sellers may get discounts by buying in bulk, and that's why they can sell the tickets at a relatively lower price," Song explained.
Since the park opened, it has released a limited number of tickets, with the figure for the period June 16 to Sept. 30 amounting to 7 million, news.china.com reported.

Other firms also joined forces with the official ticket sale channel to help sell tickets. These travel agencies include Ctrip and Tuniu Corp.

Meanwhile, experts also remarked that visitors flow will be stable, taking into account the global reputation of Disney. Nonetheless, Song said that "Disney still needs to adapt to the Chinese local environment and this will mean a transitional period."