• Nintendo "Metroid"

Nintendo "Metroid" (Photo : Twitter)

Nintendo's classic game "Metroid" for the NES console celebrated its 30th birthday recently. In honor of the Nintendo franchise, loyal fans have launched a remake of the classic Game Boy game "Metroid 2" released in 1991. Nintendo has had less revelry for the space bounty hunter unlike its big events for the recent pearl anniversaries of Super Mario and Zelda.     

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Nintendo launched "Metroid" on Aug. 6, 1986. It was first available for Japan's Famicom game system, which itself rolled out in July 1983.

Metroid is an action-adventure shooter that centers on the character Samus Aran. She protects the galaxy from Space Pirates who try to use the power of the jellyfish-like Metroids.

A group of Metroid fans has created an unofficial remake of the '80s video game titled "Another Metroid 2 Remake" or "AM2R". It has taken about six years to develop.   

The Nintendo game remake is free. A demo was launched a couple years ago but the new full release is the 1.0 version for Microsoft Windows, according to Ars Technica.

"AM2R" is a reimagining of the classic game for Nintendo's handheld console. In other words, it is a brand new version instead of a color upgrade from the Game Boy's original green scale.   

The fan remake gives the game a fresh look and better gameplay. That includes new artwork, improved mechanics, remixed content, and new song versions. The game's fast speed is like "Metroid: Zero Mission" for Game Boy Advance.

A key feature in "AM2R" is tighter controls that started with "Super Metroid" released for Super NES in 1994. One example is ledge grabs.

"AM2R" also includes other new features such as a map system, mini bosses, and better enemy AI.

The "Metroid II" remake has the classic resolution of 320x240 pixels. However, the 60 frames-per-second graphics gives the game a modern look.  

Nintendo's next title in the Metroid franchise is "Metroid Prime: Federation Force". The multi-player game for the 3DS console launches August 19 in North America and September 2 in Europe.   

In related news, Nintendo's NES Classic Edition mini console will include several display options and permanent save points, according to IGN. They include a pixel perfect option that shows square pixels.   NES Classic will also include a display mode that creates the old-school look of CRT televisions.

In addition, all built-in classic NES games will feature permanent save points. Meanwhile, "instant temporary saves" end the need for NES passwords.