• Chinese WBC minimumweight champion Xiong Zhao Zhong

Chinese WBC minimumweight champion Xiong Zhao Zhong (Photo : Reuters)

Even though he only gave himself another two years in October of last year, Xiong Chaozong appears to be intent on making the most of his twilight period by staying on top of his chosen sporting discipline of boxing.

The 32-year-old has been dubbed "Little Tyson," or "Mini Mike Tyson," because, in the words of his manager, "he hits so hard for a small boxer," plus, the African American boxing champion was one of Xiong's heroes as a youngster.

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Sunday's contest pitted Xiong against Japan's Hiroya Yamamoto for the World Boxing Council (WBC) minimumweight championship, and was staged before the former's hometown crowd in Wenshan, Kunmin.

According to local media sources, the Chinese champion entered the ring fiercely and was aggressive from the outset of the match.

The Kunmin local hero was most likely fired up by the enthusiastic cries from his boisterous compatriots in the audience, while the 23-year-old Japanese fighter was unable to properly find his feet during the first four rounds.

However, Yamamoto eventually came alive in the fifth round and an even contest ensued for the next two rounds.

The fire within the younger fighter finally died down during Round 7, allowing his Chinese opponent to assert his dominance once and for all.

Xiong's win on Sunday takes his career record to 25 victories, 14 KOs, six losses and one draw, while Yamamoto fell to eight wins, three losses and three draws.

With his latest WBC title, Xiong is further embedded among the nation's consciousness as a sporting superstar, after he became China's first professional boxing champion in 2012. As many as 300 million Chinese viewers tuned into his Monte Carlo match in October.