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The divorce proceedings between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has taken an uglier turn with the actor reportedly mutilating one finger. He cut the tip of his middle finger because he was jealous after hearing rumors that his wife was allegedly having an affair.

After cutting the tip, he used the wounded finger to write in blood on an mirror in their house in Australia, “STARRING BILLY BOB EASY AMBER.” A source of Page Six said Depp was so high – after consuming a bag of ecstasy and cocaine, smoking marijuana and drinking red wine – that he did not feel pain while writing with blood on the mirror and walls.

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After taking in all those substances, Depp broke some bottles and windows, and hit a phone against the wall very hard it destroyed a piece of plastic from the phone which cut off the end of the 53-year-old actor’s finger. The incident happened in March 2015, one month after Depp and Heard got married and the actor was shooting he fifth installment of the “Pirates” franchise in Australia.

Billy Bob referred to actor Billy Bob Thornton who starred with Heard in “London Fields,” shown at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival. They also did two other movies together – “Friday Night Lights” in 2004 and “The Informers” in 2009.

Besides Thornton, Depp was also jealous of other actors whom Heard worked with whose names the actor also scrawled in blood. The source said Depp was completely deluded thinking Heard would cheat on him.

Heard has denied having an affair with the 61-year-old Thornton whom she said is old enough to be her father. Thornton has also called the cheating allegation of Depp as completely false. She is asking for $50,000 monthly support from Depp.