• Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller introduces features of the new MacBook.

Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller introduces features of the new MacBook. (Photo : Getty Images/Stephen Lam)

Popular American artist Barbara Streisand may have hinted that the iOS 10 final version will be released on September 30 after she personally called Apple CEO Tim Cook to fix something with Siri.

Apparently, the iOS digital assistant was pronouncing her name wrong. Streisand directly called Cook to complain about how Siri pronounces her name whenever she uses her iPhone.

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Cook reportedly told Streisand himself that they are already working on fixing the problem with Siri and will release it with an iOS 10 update on September 30 which could mean two things.

One is that it could be the official release date of the iOS 10 final version after several weeks of being in developer and public beta. However, Apple has always launched their new iOS versions with their new iPhones and the last one was in the middle of September.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 7 in September 16 along with the iOS 10 final update, NDTV has learned. The second thing is that the September 30 date could just be another update to the iOS 10 which would hopefully be released when the iPhone 7 is revealed too.

Streisand said that Cook agreed to change the pronunciation of her name which should actually be just quick considering the scale of the problem. It could also be a marketing stunt between Apple and Streisand to hint at the release of the final iOS 10 version that will come out of beta.

Apple did not respond to the Streisand comment and also did not announce an iOS 10 release date, BGR reported. There is also no evidence that Streisand's story is true but she would not really risk her career over a simple Siri pronunciation problem that did not matter to majority of the iOS users until today.

Users who are trying out the new version are already on iOS 10 beta 6 and beta 7 for the developers. The speculated September 30 release date could be just in time as iOS 10 public beta could now hit beta 7 and then the final version will follow.