• Sketched artwork of Gogeta Blue, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

Sketched artwork of Gogeta Blue, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta. (Photo : Youtube/ Top Drawings - Vitrine de Desenhos)

"Dragon Ball Super" fanatics have been curious and quite imaginative as to the true identity of Black Goku over the past weeks. And after some weeks of analysis and inferences, the true identity of Black Goku is finally being revealed in the succeeding episodes, together with the potential reappearance of Gogeta Blue as some speculations would suggest.

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The signature characterization and plot twist of "Dragon Ball" series have never failed to amazed and perplexed audiences from all ages. Coupled with a very tough character being introduced in the current arc, Black Goku, anime fans are scouring the internet for possible leaks and advanced information about the series. And one of the highly sought information which puzzled almost every "DBS" fans is the real identity of Black Goku.

Who or what he is and where did he come from would be the central theme of most query of anime fans. But as of the very moment, less has been known about the nature of Black. In recent reports, it has been rumored that Black also can transform similar to a true Super Saiyan, and such transformation is dubbed as Super Saiyan Pink by most fans and theorist, but it is properly termed as "Super Saiyan Rose," according to Kotaku.

And if such transformation is a testament to the great power, then the duo of Goku and Vegeta might be facing a formidable opponent requiring a team up. In the previous battle of Goku and Vegeta against former villains, it seldom witnessed that the two would combine force in fighting their rival, and perhaps with the presence of the new opponent, in the persona of Black Goku, Gogeta will once again appear in the scene.

Needless to say that fans are eager to see once more the legendary fusion of Goku and Vegeta as they would be fighting Black who is rumored to be transforming into a Super Saiyan Rose level. And if the Super Saiyan Blue is no match for the current main opponent, then 'Gogeta Blue' would be possible, according to ComicBook

And as means of speculation on the identity of Black in the "Dragon Ball Super," it seems like the anime itself has already been giving a hint to the connection of Zamasu and Black Goku. In the latter part of episode 55, it was seen that pink rose petals were on the foreground of Zamasu while a separate scene was showcasing the Super Saiyan Rose transformation of Black. And this and other previously reported prefigurations somehow cement the idea that Black and Zamasu may be one or of a similar entity.

Watch here below Goku and Vegeta Fusion: