• Josh Gad And Zooey Deschanel.

Josh Gad And Zooey Deschanel. (Photo : Facebook)

Olaf from 'Frozen,' Josh Gad, surprised viewers as he took his musical talents to TV. The Tony-nominated actor for "The Book Of Mormon" has proven he could likewise be entertaining in the sitcom "New Girl," People reported.

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Viewers saw the animated actor giving comedic life to a popular non-animated character. The actor has proven his worth to reach out to a different viewer market niche in the television industry.

Gad played ladies man, Bearclaw, torn between Jess (played by actress, Zoeey Deschanel) and Cece (Hannah Simone). The episode has been referred to as  "Walk Of Shame."As the situation got controversial, Bearclaw managed to make the scenario hilarious and relaxed. Bearclaw led the other characters to a song or musical number in "New Girl." This scene would catch viewers in surprise, and eventually, make them laugh hilariously. The situation got even hilarious as Paul Gunslinger (played by Justin Long), Jess' ex-boyfriend, joined in on the fun by singing his heart out.

E! Online reported that Paul and Bearclaw started getting in on Jess and Cece's lives one day when the girls needed a ride. Jess and Cece did not have a ride home after partying one night. The girls did not have anybody else to turn to at the time for help, except these two guys. Moving forward since January 6, Bearclaw and Paul has both entertained and amused the two ladies. Of course, misunderstandings sometimes came their ways; however, they've continuously made things lighter and easier in best moods!