• Bikes are still a popular mode of transportation in China.

Bikes are still a popular mode of transportation in China. (Photo : Getty Images)

According to a report by local media, there is an increasing number of dissatisfied users of the Mobike.

Mobike is a city bike renting system that is availed by means of an app. The available bikes are seen by the user and are unlocked by scanning a QR code.

Rental cost is 1 yuan for 30 minutes and comes with a 299 yuan security deposit. Users can pay through WeChat or Alipay.

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There is also a credit system and gives scores to users who use units properly or parks in designated areas.

The service started in April and expanded in Shanghai in September. They now have 10,000 units and users can find a bike within 300 meters of their location.

Users, however, are complaining that the units are taking too long to unlock and that the GPS is inaccurately positioned.

Several users commented in smartshanghai.com, "rides are extremely heavy. I'm more tired from riding than simply walking the same distance."

Another user with the handle "handoogies" said, "they are heavy bikes, but the real issue is the internal chain and crankset (for durability) feeding power to the rear wheel: the ratio is almost 1:1. So the way to ride a mobike is up on your feet, pump like hell to get the decent speed going, then you can sit down and spin to maintain speed."

A comment from a user in sinosplice.com said, "I'd say that the only catch is that the seat height is really low and cannot be changed. They have to fix this!"

"Girl_in_Shanghai, " said that she had problems with the app's GPS system.

She said, "The GPS is not very accurate, though, I found myself turning and turning in the neighborhood looking for bikes I never found."