• Actors Sunny Leone and Aamir Khan to work in a film together

Actors Sunny Leone and Aamir Khan to work in a film together (Photo : YouTube)

Since director Rajkumar Hirani has confirmed that the sequel of ''3 Idiots'' is on its way, speculations on the cast and plot have started. When the lead actor Aamir Khan expressed his interest to work with ex-adult film industry actress Sunny Leone, the grapevine started churning the news to see them together. The cast of the sequel is not yet finalized, and the possibilities of Leone playing the role of Khan's love interest in ''3 Idiots'' sequel remains open.

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Earlier this year, Khan came to Leone's aid in an awkward TV interview. He commented very harshly on the way the TV interviewer had commented on Leone's professional life and her involvement in the adult industry. To support the 34-year-old Indo-Canadian actress, Khan tweeted his comments and expressed his desire to work with Leone in the future, reported DNA.

"I think Sunny conducted herself with a lot of grace and dignity. I wish I could have said the same about the interviewer," Khan expressed his desire to work with Leone in a tweet. As a result the grapevine started linking the announcement of Rajkumar Hirani which was done almost at the same time for the release of the sequel of ''3 Idiots.'' Social media commented that Leone might take up the role as Khan's love interest in the sequel and replace Kareena Kapoor's character of Pia Sahasrabuddhe.

Leone has expressed several times her desire to work with her icon Khan. "I think anybody in the entire world would like to work with an actor like him. He is someone for whom I have immense respect. Regardless of what happens in the future, I will always be Aamir's fan. I have always said that I am a fan of Aamir and I always watch his movies," Leone stated candidly.

Only the film has been announced, and the plot of it is not yet finalised by the writer Abhijat Joshi. Also the cast is yet to be finalised by the director Hirani. According to a recent article on Can India News, Khan is excited about the sequel which has not got any tentative release date yet.

Watch this news clipping which confirms that Leone and Khan will be working in a film together now.