• Elcomsoft has discovered a security flaw on iOS 10 which may allow hackers to access Apple device backups.

Elcomsoft has discovered a security flaw on iOS 10 which may allow hackers to access Apple device backups. (Photo : Getty Images/Spencer Platt)

Apple rolled out its latest iOS 10.0.2 in an effort to address a previous call audio problem, though many were curious if the Cupertino-based company also included bug and security fixes. A recent report from Elcomsoft may have just answered that query.

According to Elcomsoft’s official blog, a major security flaw was discovered tied up to the iOS 10 backup protection mechanism. Using the Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, they were able to bypass certain security checks and noted that they were 2,500 times weaker.

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Elcomsoft noted that they were able to send over six million passwords per second to the iOS 10, a far cry from the 2,400 passwords per second done for the iOS 9. In a way, the whole discovery may be worse that what an iOS jailbreak brings.

A prime target of hackers could eventually be the local backups produced by the iOS 10-run devices. Hence, when intruders are able to break the password, they will eventually be able to decrypt all content from the backup including the keychain. Keychain is Apple’s protected storage that is additionally encrypted on a file level.

Up for debate is why Apple changed the manner of encrypting backups and the layers of security. Per Thorsheim, a security adviser for God Praksis is dumbfounded by the whole thing, wondering if all of it was a glitch or mistake made by Apple developers.

Whatever the reason behind it may be, Apple is already aware of the issue. They are currently working on a fix and plan to roll it out soon. For the meantime, the Cupertino company suggests using the FileVault disk encryption software for added layer of security, Fortune reported.

That said, any potential iOS 10 jailbreak have now taken a backseat. Things already got harder for Pangu, TaiG and even independent hackers like Lucas Todesco who find themselves working on an iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak.

With Apple working on a new fix, even a potential display of a working iOS 10.0.2 jailbreak right now may not last for long. Judging by the frequency that Apple has been rolling out updates, one could be out pretty soon.

Apple admits the iOS 10 security flaw as reported via the video below.