• Supercell reveals the new gameplay trailer for "Clash of Clans."

Supercell reveals the new gameplay trailer for "Clash of Clans." (Photo : YouTube/Clash of Clans)

Avid fans of "Clash of Clans" (COC) have been clamoring for a new update in the past few weeks. While Supercell was supposed to release the update in late September, it has been delayed further in October with no mention of the exact release date.

The game developer gave a full week of epic sneak peeks and an Oct. 9 livestream that featured many of the update's expected features, but there is still no word about the exact release date of the update. Fans took to COC official forum on Tuesday, Oct. 11, with the hope of getting an answer from Supercell about the imminent October update.

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While no release date was specified, a Supercell team member, Anoushka, confirmed that the update would not arrive on Tuesday, Oct. 11. However, fans will probably see the update by Oct. 14.

With regard to features expected, the release sneak peeks hint at new troop levels and defense structures. Most of the new troops will be concentrated on Town Hall Level 11. The new troops include wizard level 7, hidden tesla level 9, baby dragon level 5, mortar level 10, dragon level 6, x-bow level 5, and 25 more wall pieces.

Furthermore, there will be a new bomb tower for players at Town Hall 8, and they can be upgraded to level 5. As soon as gamers hit Town Hall 10, they will have an option to create an extra bomb tower.

The released sneak peeks also suggested that several troops would see balance changes to help in keeping the gameplay "fun and interesting." Some of the troops will receive upgrade discounts in terms of time and cost.

In the upcoming update, Clan Wars will get an upgrade to allow gamers to earn a partial War Win Bonus even if their attack fails. The War Win Bonuses will no longer be reduced when a player attacks a lower Town Hall level.

However, harder targets in war will gain gamers more Clan XP with a cap of 10XP. Changes to the Clan Wars are meant to reduce the downsides of more ambitious war attacks while providing better rewards for clean-up attacks, according to COC official blog.

There will also be a new friendly war feature, which allows players to send challenges through opponent Clan Profiles. Gamers can accept friendly war challenges through the Clan chat. Here is a sneak peek for more information: