• Clash of Clans vs Clash Royale: 3 significant differences - monetization, skill, progression [VIDEO]

Clash of Clans vs Clash Royale: 3 significant differences - monetization, skill, progression [VIDEO] (Photo : YouTube/ PlayClashOfClans)

Supercell has teased a "Clash of Clans" Halloween 2016 update which is expected to come to players on or before November with more bonuses and possible game modes.

"Clash of Clans" have been overshadowed by the success of Niantic's "Pokemon GO" but the latter seems to have been losing users while the former still has a strong user base. There have been many rumors and speculations of new game modes and towers.

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Supercell has posted a tweet of what seems to be the teaser image for the "Clash of Clans" Halloween 2016 update with the hashtag "soon" which means the release date is near, iDigital Times has learned. The image also had the words "Halloween is coming" which signifies the anticipated update.

The "Clash of Clans" Halloween 2016 update could come as early as October 31 since it is themed after the festival of horror. There have been leaks regarding the update and what it could hold for loyal players of the game.

There could be "water characters" that would be new to "Clash of Clans" considering that the game is mostly land, Gamenguide reported. Goblins and wizards could also be included in the said update although there has been little evidence to support the claims.

"Clash of Clans" forums have also seen leaks regarding the Halloween-themed content which may include a shipyard shipwreck, scary pumpkins and more. They could be just for aesthetical purposes or they could prove to be game-changers for the bases.

Supercell could also conduct a "Clash of Clans" Haloween Shipyard special event. The shipwreck could be an objective for the players to fix or to destroy even more for loot and gems.

No further details have been given regarding the event and Supercell themselves have not confirmed the authenticity of the leaks. Players will have to wait for the Halloween update to arrive to find out for themselves.

Supercell can release the "Clash of Clans" Halloween 2016 update on or before November hits the calendar. The players will have to update their games through the Google Play or the App store to get a hold of the new features.