• President Xi Jinping is revered as a "core leader."

President Xi Jinping is revered as a "core leader." (Photo : Getty Images)

The Communist Party recently voted President Xi Jinping as a "core leader" or an elite status in the party. This rank is the same as what was revered to Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

A communique was released after a four-day plenum where the party called for its members to support the leadership of Xi.

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The communique also rendered Xi as similar to Mao Zedong in strength in character.

The Communist Party stated, "leadership with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core has acted on its words and led by example. For a country and for a party, a leading core is vitally important."

A professor from Boston University, Joseph Fewsmith, said, "It seems that this plenum really was a victory for Xi. What exactly that means in terms of personnel changes is hard to say, but it seems that Xi will get what he wants."

The new categorization of the Chinese leader will mean that he will have more control over the political issues in the party. He will have more say in the reshuffling that will commence next year.

Zhang Lifan, an analyst of the China's politics, said the Xi will surely have unchallenged authority in the party.

"It means Xi has the final veto power. It's the official crowning of his real power. It also means the end of the last 'core,' Jiang Zemin. There can't be two cores in the party."

The communique also called for members of the Central Committee who did not adhere to the party's principles.

The statement said, "Senior cadres must not fudge their stand on fundamental matters, must not waiver on their political stance, must not be affected by incorrect ideology."