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PS4 Pro (Photo : Twitter)

Sony's new old-school ad for PS4 Pro features the console set to launch on November 10. The funny commercial for the $399 gaming system accentuates the tech specs including "super fresh graphics" and immersive gaming.  This upgraded PS4 will have an improved GPU including  4K output and high dynamic- range (HDR), and be bundled with a mono headset and the new DualShock controller.   

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PlayStation UK tweeted the '80s-like ad. The new PS4 console includes a boost in processing power, twice the GPU capacity as the original PS4, 4K support, and up to 1 terabyte of internal space, according to The Verge.

PS4 Pro includes 4.20 teraflops of computing power while the original PS4/PS4 Slim has 1.84 teraflops.

Sony's new console will be boxed with an HDMI and USB cable, AC power cord, in-ear mono headset, and DualShock controller with a light bar located on the touchpad.

The improved graphics will provide many new features including longer draw distances, more effects, and better textures. It has a little more power for better framerates.

PS4 Pro's extra power will give developers the ability to make better games. Sony has reported almost all PS4 titles will work on the new console at launch.

The PS4 Pro will still be similar to the original PS4 in many ways. It will play the same games and use the same PlayStation Store and PlayStation Network (PSN). After a user logs in their games and films will be the same.

There will likely be retail bundles announced closer to the PS4 Pro release date. Sony might also sell some official bundles including games that are enhanced on the console.

PS4 Pro or "PS4.5" will include better graphics than the first PS4 system released in North America in November 2013. It is unclear if consumers will be willing to buy a half-step console or just play the same games on the original PS4 with a $50 cheaper price tag.

In related news, Sony announced on October 28, Friday that "MLB The Show 17" will launch on PS4 in March 2017 but not for PS3, according to Engadget. The news about the sports game suggests the Japanese corporation will stop making content for the decade-old console.

It is unclear if Sony will keep offering free old games to PS3 owners via PS Plus. 

Here's a review of PS4 Slim: