• An expert scans sample displayed on the monitor.

An expert scans sample displayed on the monitor. (Photo : YouTube/ DNews )

HIV and AIDS had long puzzled medical science and most experts not only of its definite origin, but most especially of its potential cure. Having similar inclination to solve such global health problem, a Lakota East High School student managed to think of a cure for the dreaded diseases.

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Sam Pannek of Liberty Township shared to his professor, Jim Williams, his idea that may potentially stop the global crisis brought about by HIV/AIDS. Upon hearing the concept formulated by his student, Williams responded positively saying that such idea might work. The outside of the box kind of thinking by Pannek at that moment made him felt certain that he had a solution, if not a vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

"I would get bored, so I would think about ways to solve problems, to cure diseases...It popped into my head: What if we block the receptor," Pannek told Cincinnati.

However, such concept formulated by Pannek and was positively affirmed by his high school teacher is not something new according to experts. As per Cincinnati, the idea has been tried before by experts. Dr. Carl Fichtenbaum, professor of clinical medicine at the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine, stated that though the idea was impressive especially coming from high school students, but sadly it does not work on everyone.

"We really don't know about the safety of it. Will that cause an immune response and make people sick instead?" Fichtenbaum Cincinnati.

Although the idea presented by Pannek and his colleagues has been shut down by experts, another known attempts to cure HIV/AIDS have proven to be fruitful. As per ABC News, the Berlin patient, Timothy Ray Brown, who is believed to be the first person ever been cured of HIV still remains negative of AIDS after undergoing a stem cell transplant.

Aside from the Berlin patient, another person suffering from HIV/ AIDS known as the Barcelona patient has been reported by to have been cured of HIV after using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV as suggested by a team of Doctors in Barcelona.

Despite some news suggesting HIV and AIDS cure, only a few has been considered as a standout and has been medically accepted by the scientific and medical community. Guess we would just have to wait for further update and conclusive developments regarding a cure for HIV/AIDS.