• 'Big Brother: Over the Top' is a reality series aired on CBS All Access.

'Big Brother: Over the Top' is a reality series aired on CBS All Access. (Photo : YouTube/Entertainment Tonight)

The CBS All Access reality series "Big Brother: Over the Top" is set to crown its first winner with the show's upcoming Season 1 finale. Latest spoiler news hinted of finalist Jason getting the majority vote from fans.

"Big Brother: Over the Top" Season episode 10 will finally unveil the CBS All Access reality show's champion. After two months of fierce competition inside the Big Brother House, the final contenders are Jason, Kryssie and Morgan.

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Viewers witnessed how Jason won the final Head of Household (HOH) competition to secure a spot in the reality series' grand finals. Shown in episode 9 that aired on Nov. 29, Wednesday, he picked Kryssie as the second finalist in the reality series' final competition. Meanwhile, Morgan won her place in the final three after beating Justin.

With Jason, Kryssie and Morgan as heading to the upcoming finale of "Big Brother: Over the Top" Season 1, the winner of the competition will be determined through popular vote. Fans have two days to choose and vote for the contender that they want as the CBS All Access show's first champion.

Several reports have speculated that Jason may win the competition given the strategic moves that he made in earlier episodes. The said finalist's decision to choose Kryssie to accompany him in the finals was a brilliant move since Jason has a higher chance of winning against the Illinois waitress, as indicated in episode spoilers posted on Entertainment Weekly.

However, Jason may face some competition with Morgan's underdog image. Despite fan allegations that she was not as active or strategic as Jason, some of Morgan's accomplishments in the reality series were still impressive.

Meanwhile, the three "Big Brother: Over the Top" Season 1 finalists are set to make their "Final Pleas" to get more votes on Nov. 30, Wednesday, according to Big Brother Network. The winner of the reality competition will receive a prize money of $250,000.

"Big Brother: Over the Top" Season 1 episode 10 will air on Dec. 1, Thursday on CBS All Access. Learn more about the reality series upcoming finale in the clip below: