• "Watchmen" is a 2009 superhero film from DC Comics.

"Watchmen" is a 2009 superhero film from DC Comics. (Photo : YouTube / Screen Junkies)

NetherRealm Studios head Ed Boon is teasing fans of the upcoming "Injustice 2" video game with possible guest appearances. One of the possible guests is Spawn while "Watchmen" characters may also be included.

"Injustice: Gods Among Us" became a huge hit across the platforms and NetherRealm Studios was more than happy to make a sequel for the fighting game. Boon is now teasing fans with new guest characters for "Injustice 2."

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Boon is known to be highly active in his social media accounts. The "Injustice 2" director recently took to Twitter to conduct a survey to find out if the fans wanted to see "Watchmen" characters in the upcoming game, WWG reported. Majority of the people voted yes at 74 percent while no only had 26 percent of the total votes.

The "Watchmen" film launched in 2009 was a huge hit and took a different noir approach compared to most modern superhero movies today. Some of the popular characters in the film that may make an appearance in "Injustice 2" include Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymadias, Comedian, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre.

If NetherRealm Studios does include the "Watchmen" characters, it would be interesting to see the matchups. For instance, Batman and Nite Owl could battle each other.

Boon also held another Twitter survey for who would be a great guest character for "Injustice 2" and 45 percent answered Spawn, Game Revolution reported. Spawn is not technically a DC Comics or Marvel character which means that he is a good candidate for the game considering he already appeared in the "Soul Calibur II" fighting game.

Spawn and other "Watchmen" characters are already expected to appear in "Injustice 2" but that does not mean there would not be any more surprises. It also remains to be seen whether they will actually appear on launch or through DLCs that may appear later after the game is released in 2017.

Watch the video below to see who else will be joining "Injustice 2."