• The "Final Fantasy XV" protagonists ride the Regalia Type-F to a secret location on the map.

The "Final Fantasy XV" protagonists ride the Regalia Type-F to a secret location on the map. (Photo : YouTube/lucied13)

In "Final Fantasy XV," there are several dungeons hidden in its world and there is one dungeon that is unlike anything else in it. Here is the secret method on how to get there and the reason why it is unique.

According to Kotaku, the first step to do is the get the airship or the flying car in the video game. To do that, players will have to take down all three Niflheim bases in the world. After blowing up one base, they will get a unique item that will be essential to get the airship.

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Players can always go through the main story if they want to go through two of the three bases. The third base is located in Leide, north of the Hammerhead garage. After blowing all three bases and collecting the items, they must talk to Cindy so that she can turn the Regalia into the Regalia Type-F.

For players who are curious of the airship, flying off the map will lead them to invisible walls, which should be the borderline of the video game. It will only land on roads because the car will get wrecked if they will land it on anywhere else or fly into an obstacle.

When players get the Regalia Type-F, they can now go to a hidden corner of the map where the dungeon is located. According to the same publication, players need to get near the Rock of Ravatogh to go there and find a little yellow line. Once there, they can land and park there on the spot.

Players can now walk towards the dungeon entrance after landing, which will be easy to do. They are warned that it can only be entered at night.

When players enter the dungeon, they will not encounter any monsters or boss battles inside. The only problems they will face inside are puzzles and platforming. They should expect precise jumping and difficult puzzles to solve inside.

The dungeon is not over until the players have reached the roof. They can get a few good items along the way, which can be helpful in battles. It is advised that players should just turn off the HUD since the map will not work anyway.

Check out the "Final Fantasy XV" Secret Dungeon Landing video below: