• 'The Flash' is a TV series adaptation of DC Comics' iconic speedster superhero.

'The Flash' is a TV series adaptation of DC Comics' iconic speedster superhero. (Photo : YouTube/The Flash)

When "The Flash" returns to the small screens, the speedster hero will have his hands full dealing with the Savitar threat, as well as a former nemesis. Latest spoiler news teased of Zoom's upcoming return to the Flash's (Grant Gustin) life, as well as the said villain's appearance in various CW superhero series.

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"The Flash" Season 2 marked the introduction of a darker speedster character that nearly took Barry's life.  Barry, also known as The Flash, had a difficult time defeating Zoom but eventually took down the said villain, who was later taken by the Speed Force's Time Wraiths to serve as its grim reaper.

Transforming into the Dark Flash, Zoom's appearance was altered into a scarier version of himself and forced into servitude by the Time Wraiths. However, the said villain will soon re-appear in "The Flash" Season 3.

Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg revealed during the recent Television Critics Association winter press event that Zoom's new persona as the Black Flash will make Barry's life more complicated. The said villain's return will also impact storylines in other CW superhero series, TV Line quoted the said executive producer as saying.

Described as a "classic character" from the DC Comics, it appears that several plot lines in various CW hero shows provided an opportunity for the Dark Flash's introduction. Unfortunately, Kreisberg did not indicate whether the said grim reaper speedster will appear in all of CW's superhero series and if it will mark another crossover event.

Given Zoom's new grim reaper identity, protagonists of different CW hero series may have a difficult time stopping the said villain. Kreisberg stated, "Now [that] he is the Grim Reaper, he is like the Devil ... It presents an interesting challenge for the heroes of the respective shows in which he appears."

In other news, the Season 4 extension of "The Flash" was recently confirmed by CW President Mark Pedowitz during the same press event. Viewers can expect more exciting episodes for the said superhero series in the upcoming 2017-2018 TV season, Entertainment Weekly quoted the CW executive as saying.

"The Flash" Season 3 will release its midseason premiere on Jan. 24 on the CW. Watch a teaser clip for the said upcoming episode below: