• La La Land

La La Land (Photo : Rachal Chisholm/YouTube)

Before the release on Tuesday of the Oscar nominations, film observers in China were not sure if “La La Land” would be a box office success in the country since western musicals are not a favorite of local audience. However, the publicity generated by its 14 Oscar nominations could change things.

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With its 14 nominations, including Best Picture, the musical applauded by film critics for its dazzling scenes, beautiful lyrics and look back at old Hollywood fashion with nostalgia just tied the record of 14 Oscar nominations held by “Titanic” and “All About Eve.” Its seven Golden Globes bring to 127 the total number of awards that “La La Land” has won across the world, China Daily reported.

Valentine Day Movie

The film, which brings back memories of old, classical musicals from Hollywood such as “The Sound of Music” and “Singin’ in the Rain,” would open in China on Feb. 14, including an IMAX version. Director Damien Chazelle and lead actor Ryan Gosling were in Beijing on Monday and Tuesday to promote the movie to Chinese moviegoers.

Its story revolves around a typical romance movie when a young man and woman yet to establish their careers meet and fall in love. Emma Stone stars as the aspiring actress and Gosling is a struggling jazz pianist. However, when they succeed in their careers, conflicts arise and they separate, only to be reconciled at the end of the film after succeeding in their professional lives but they did get back as a couple.

Film is Overhyped?

BBC, however, reported that while some viewers find the songs catchy and the cinematography beautiful, others felt “La La Land” is overhyped amid a ton of five-star reviews. One critic wrote that while he did not hate the musical after watching it on Sunday, he could not understand the fuss over the movie. Another found the storyline weak and the singing below par when compared to great musicals.