• U.S Gen. Peter Pace Visits Beijing

U.S Gen. Peter Pace Visits Beijing (Photo : Getty Images)

With the actions of the Trump administration, China is considering the possibility of going into a war anytime with the United States, says a message posted by the People's Liberation Army on its website. In fact, China is already considering a possibility that its relations with the U.S. would sour within four years.

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"'A war within the president's term' or 'war breaking out tonight' are not just slogans," state-run media South China Morning Post said, "They are becoming a practical reality."

On a commentary made on its own website, the People's Liberation Army said that on the day U.S. President Donald Trump took his oath, "the chances of war have become more real amid a more complex security situation in Asia Pacific."

An official of the National Defense Mobilization Department in Central Military Commission categorically cited factors such as the installation of a missile defense system in South Korea, the United States' rebalancing strategy in Asia, as well as military deployments across South and East China Seas play a vital role.

A report from People's Daily was also quoted for its commentary made on Sunday that China would conduct some exercises on high seas irrespective of foreign vexations. As a matter of fact, its "Liaoning," an aircraft vessel, coursed through Taiwan Strait in December.

The remark from the Chinese military reportedly came after U.S. State Secretary Rex Tillerson's statement that the United States must stop China from accessing the artificial islands it has created on the disputed territories of the South China Sea.

The message was echoed on a Monday press conference held by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, saying that the United States would make some efforts in preventing China from espousing the territory on the international waters in the South China Sea.