• A man in China was beaten and threatened to undergo a vasectomy.

A man in China was beaten and threatened to undergo a vasectomy. (Photo : Twitter)

A man named Hu from Yunnan Province claimed that he was beaten and was forced to sterilization after violating the country's family planning policy.

The man was identified as Hu and said that he was forcibly taken to an office instead of a hospital to get a vasectomy.

He was taken away and the police threatened that he will face detention for 15 days if he refused to get the procedure.

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Local police denied the allegations and said that the procedure was done in a family planning service center and properly equipped to perform a vasectomy.

Hu has three children from a first marriage and one from his current marriage. His first wife was forcibly ligated in 2012.

Hu showed photos on Sino Weibo that were related to the incident. He showed marks on his body and the certificate showing that he has been sterilized.

The government policy stated that a person can have children in a second marriage provided that they were childless in the first. People who violate the one-child policy are imposed with fines.

Health officials from Zhaotong City investigated the case, but the Yunnan health ministry has not released any statement.

Liang Zhongtang, a research fellow at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said, "Putting the violation aside, health officials have no right to force Hu to undergo the surgery, as all birth control measures should be done voluntarily as required by China's law on family planning."

A news site from Wuhan posted a comment on Sino Weibo which stated, "It's time to ligate the indulgent abuse of government power."

Another netizen posted on Weibo which said, "We just don't have any human rights. We are just the birth machines for the country, who must prepare to give birth or not give birth in accordance with development goals."