• The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Photo : Nuttaput 92/YouTube)

One of the most loved dramas on Chinese TV would get an nth remake in 2017. Based on the martial arts novel of Jin Yong, “The Legend of Condor Heroes” was first made in a 59-episode series in 1983.

Aired over TVB Jade in Hong Kong, "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" starred Barbara Yung as Huang Rong who was in a relationship with Guo Jing. Huang Rong, the lead female character, is a beautiful and smart Kung Fu master who helps Guo Jing overcome many hurdles in life.

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Key Characters

Guo Jing’s physical features are striking since his large eyes are paired with thick eyebrows, he has a complexion described as between fair and dark, but he is strong and sturdy. However, the lead male character is not articulate and a slow learner, but because of Guo Jing’s moral rectitude, he eventually becomes a top Kung Fu master, China Daily reported.

Other key characters in the drama include Mei Chaofeng, who trains hard in martial arts to avenge the death of her husband. However, she masters a kind of martial arts that could kill people in a cruel manner. The antagonist in the drama is Yang Kang who foils Guo Jing. Yang Kang’s love interest in Mu Nianci, known for her weather-beaten appearance, but firm as a piece of jade, and beautiful with right eyes and teeth that sparkle white.

Nth Remake

Since then until 2017, there had been more than 10 remakes of the drama. In the latest version, filmed in Lanzhou and Hengdian, Singapore actor Tay Ping Hui was cast as Temujin, or the historical figure from Mongolia, Genghis Khan. Tay was cast as the man who united Mongolia because of his intense look, The Straits Times reports

It was the second time that Tay Ping Hui starred in a Chinese drama. The first was “The Legend and The Hero,” which starred Fan Bingbing and Steve Ma which was aired in 2007.