• AT&T globally acclaimed giant telecom company

AT&T globally acclaimed giant telecom company (Photo : Getty images/KENA BETANCUR / Stringer)

In the recent weeks, all four of the major United States carriers announced either the new unlimited data plans or made alterations to the existing plans in an effort to compete. With all four carriers offering some form of unlimited data, now may be a good time as ever to analyse current plan and think about switching.

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The move towards unlimited data was started when Verizon announced its all-new unlimited plan, 9to5mac reported. After a while T-Mobile in typical fashion announced its dropping two of the restrictions on its unlimited plan: HD streaming and tethering.

From then onwards, Sprint announced changes to its unlimited plan, as well. The carrier like T-Mobile, announced support for HD video and mobile tethering. Those changes have come less than a week after Spring announced a new plan with promo pricing. Then, AT&T announced that it was expanding its unlimited plan that was previously available only to U-Verse and Direct subscribers.

Until last week, T-Mobile One offered a flat fee (plus tax) for unlimited calls, text and LTE data. The caveat was that user still had to remit tax on top of the base price and streaming video was limited to 480p. The new big change for T-Mobile in the recent week was that its now adding taxes and fees into the base price of T-Mobile One and streaming video quality will now be upgraded to HD.

If user cares about streaming in HD while using data connection, that's a pretty good improvement, Androidguys reported. Everyone is having either 1080p or 2560p displays on respective phones these days and the more pixels on the display, the better is the video quality. If the user do not care much about video streaming, user still save on the taxes and fees that's been included in the base price of T-Mobile One.

At the time of writing T-Mobile is offering two unlimited lines for $100 a month all-in. This includes HD video and 10GB of tethering. If user wants only one line, user has to pay $70 per month for the same service. Three lines will cost $140 a month and four lines $160 a month. All of these offers call for auto-pay and if it exceeds 28GB of data per month, T-Mobile reserves the right to slow down user's data speed to 2G speed.