• Brazil Aims to Attract More Chinese Tourists

Brazil Aims to Attract More Chinese Tourists (Photo : Getty Images)

In a report by trade newspaper Brasilturis, the deputy president of the Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur) said that the institute has given support to Brazilian companies participating in tourism fairs in China. Brazil aims to promote the country to Chinese tourists.

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Support was given at the recent Guangzhou International Travel Fair (GITF) 2017, held Feb. 23-25. Key Brazilian tourist destinations were featured in the pavilion sponsored by the Brazil-Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Brazilian Consulate in Guangzhou.

Brazil, which promotes ecotourism, is known for its white-sand beaches, waterfalls, and virgin rainforests. The country is also famous for its well-preserved cities such as the Campos do Jordao, Pelourinho, Ouro Preto, Historic Center of Olinda.

Major Brazilian tourist attractions include the “Christ the Redeemer” statue and cultural infrastructures such as the Teatro Amazonas, Cathedral of Brasilia, and Museu de Arte Contemporanea. Tourists are also fascinated to join the Rio Festival.

Tufi Michreff, deputy president of the Brazilian Tourism Institute, said that China is now one of the world leaders in terms of potential tourists.

Brazil was visited by over 53,000 Chinese tourists in 2015, based on the latest data from the Tourism Yearbook.

“It’s a significant number, but not as significant as the presence of these visitors in other regions of the world,” said Michreff.

The deputy president also emphasized that about 33 percent of all Chinese tourists were attracted by Egypt and Kenya in the previous year. He also mentioned of the 45 percent growth in the number of Chinese tourists visiting India in 2016.

Considering the geographical distance, the Embratur had drawn a joint strategy with South American countries, including Argentina, to let the Chinese tourists take pleasure in visiting the continent, said Michreff.

Brazil hopes that the support it provides to tourism fairs in China will draw Chinese tourists to the country.