• French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron

French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron (Photo : Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Emmanuel Macron for being elected as the new French president.

China-France relations, with a deep historical foundation, have a significant influence over China’s diplomacy, Xi said in a telephone conversation with Macron.

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According to Xi, bilateral relations have endured unpredictable changes and have been progressively more strategic since diplomatic ties were established 53 years ago.

A lift in China-France relations from a new starting point to a new level meets the common expectation of the Chinese and French people and the international community, he added.

Xi emphasized that China gives utmost importance to France and their relations, adding that China has always considered France as a significant cooperation partner and looked at bilateral relations from a long-term strategic perspective.

He appealed to both countries to continue their friendly ties, enhance mutual trust, assist with their individual core interests and key issues, and increase practical cooperation in different areas.

China welcomes the French side’s contribution to the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Chinese president said. He also encouraged both sides to communicate and coordinate on international and regional concerns, keep on advancing global governance reforms and uphold success of global governance like the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Xi also reiterated China’s support for the European integration.

For his part, Macron said he puts great importance to France-China relations.

The new French government will keep on pursuing its positive and friendly policy toward China, continue to honor the “One China” policy, increase practical cooperation in various areas including diplomacy, trade and industry and in the Belt and Road construction framework, the president-elect said.

According to Macron, the new government will keep close communication and coordination with China on international concerns such as climate change.

Xi and Macron agreed to maintain contact and to schedule a meeting at an early date in order to exchange opinions on bilateral ties and issues of common concern.

China hopes to maintain its good relations with France through the new French president, Emmanuel Macron.