• China's Chief Climate Negotiator Xie Zhenhua

China's Chief Climate Negotiator Xie Zhenhua (Photo : Getty Images)

On Tuesday, Special Representative for Climate Change of China Xie Zhenhua said at a press conference that the BASIC countries, composed of Brazil, South Africa, India and China, have made "important contributions" to the Paris Agreement.

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The statement was given at the closing of the 24th BASIC Ministerial Meeting. The two-day event which was held in Beijing was hosted by China’s chief climate negotiator.

Among those who attended the meeting were officials from India, Brazil and South Africa. Delegates from Ecuador, Fiji and Egypt were also in attendance.

The cooperation between the BASIC countries, founded in 2009, played a great part in boosting “internal communications” within the Group of 77, according to Xie. The alliance was also successful in winning the support of developing countries.

Xie said that a joint statement was released at the close of the event. The statement was directed on proceeding negotiations after the signing of the Paris Agreement, realistic cooperation and means to increase action before 2020.

The principle of “common but differentiated responsibilities” in alleviation movements of developed and developing countries was restated by the attendees.

The Paris Agreement was deemed to be a prized attainment in the global climate governance campaign. The movement has paved the way for a new stage of global efforts in pursuing green and low-carbon development.

China, being a responsible developing country, will persist in its efforts in dealing with climate change and will be firm in carrying out its duties, said Xie.

The BASIC countries use channels, including South-South cooperation, to assist developing countries in advancing global climate change responses, Xie added.

The alliance also encouraged developed countries to increase their financial support to achieve their goal of raising $100 billion annually by 2020.

According to Xie, an estimated $1.5 trillion dollar investment in renewable energy and new energy is needed to meet climate change goals by 2030.

By that time, investment on infrastructure alone should have reached $90 trillion. That would open doors of opportunities to global green and low-carbon industries, he added.

Those in attendance have also come to an agreement to advance the cooperation and unity among the BASIC countries. They also accentuated international cooperation in improving global actions.

The BASIC countries continue to lead in efforts in fulfilling the goals of the Paris Agreement.