•  It was recently confirmed that “Now You See Me 3” is already in the initial stage of production.

It was recently confirmed that “Now You See Me 3” is already in the initial stage of production. (Photo : YouTube/Lionsgate Movies)

"Now You See Me 3" is in the works, despite bland response from viewers over the sequel. The third installment is now in development, with new writers having been tapped to do the script.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate has tapped Neil Widener and Gavin James to pen the script for "Now You See Me 3." The two are currently among the in-demand writers in Hollywood, and have also been hired to work on "San Andreas 2" for New Line Cinema.

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Most of the cast is set to reprise their role in "Now You See Me 3," which means Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco are going to be back as three of The Four Horsemen. Jon M. Chu is attached to direct, with Bobby Cohen and Alex Kurtzman taking on producer roles.

As for the fourth Horseman, there is no word yet if Isla Fisher or Lizzy Caplan will be filling in those shoes. In the first film, Fisher played the fourth Horseman and sort-of love interest to Eisenberg's Daniel Atlas. Because Fisher was pregnant at the time of production, Caplan stepped in and played the role of the fourth Horseman.

A controversy which viewers thought to have been one of the reasons why Fisher did not reprise her role is the stunt mishap that took place while filming "Now You See Me." In one scene, Fisher was locked inside a tank filled with water where she was supposed to desperately bang on the glass walls to give the impression that she was in distress.

However, the chains Fisher was in got tangled up, and the panic became real for the actress. Because of this, Fisher was unable to reach for the safety button that would have drained all the water in the tank in seconds.

The sequel, however, fizzle in the box office and took home less than the amount the first "Now You See Me" movie claimed in North America. Globally, "Now You See Me 2" earned $334.8 million.

The "Now You See Me" franchise, however, saw a strong following in China. According to Forbes, China is going to make a Chinese spin-off of the film about "magicians who steal stuff for the greater good."