Technology has been in a continuous state of progress and improvement in the past decades, and with each year that goes by, its results and achievements are more and more impressive. Ideas and projects that would have seemed inapplicable a while ago are now fully developed and running, as science is breaking newer barriers on a yearly basis. And while there are quite a great deal of innovations that surprise and shock, there are others that come as groundbreaking and might consist major game changers for the future. 

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With three months left, the year 2017 has already marked several outstanding breakthroughs and ingenious achievements, out of which an elite few have already opened the doors to even newer horizons


5.Wireless Based Roads That Could Power Electric Vehicles

Stanford University Researchers have managed to create a wireless charger which, unlike all others, can tune the frequency of radio waves automatically. During initial trials, this system managed to transfer power up to 27 inches from the ground, with 100% efficiency. And since electric cars are nearly 8 inches higher than the road level, in the near future, they might charge directly from the road, through charging pads placed under the road level and a simple received.


4."Moth Eye" Protection From Glare For Smartphones

Professor Shin-Tson Wu of the College of Optics and Photonics within the University of Central Florida (UCF) has analyzed the unusual structures present on moth eyes, which help their sight during night-time. Starting from this premise, Professor WU has imagined a new type of anti-reflection protection film for electronic devices. In study led by Guanjan Tan in collaboration with Jiun-Haw Lee from the National Taiwan University, Professor Wu detailed the developing process for the    anti-reflective film, which just like the moth's eye, is based on nanostructures that allow the light to reach the eye, but prevent it from reflecting out. The results of the study have shown that for normal smartphones, the film can improve the screen's readability 10 times, while under a clear sky and five times when facing direct sunlight. From regular star spin slot up to watching movies or attending interviews on a smartphone, this discovery will substantially increase the quality and durability of any model of smartphone.

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3.The First Windows That Generate Solar Power

This June in Eindhoven, Physee, a tech startup led by Ferdinand Grapperhaus, which aimed to transform modern estate properties in energy neutral units, has revealed the first completed project. The headquarters of the largest bank in Netherlands, Rabobank, is now fully equipped with 323 square meters of completely transparent windows which harvest solar power at the same time. This is due to solar cells strategically placed at the edges of each window, facilitating the effective conversion of incoming solar light into electricity. Subsequently, the bank's employees will now be able to charge their phones directly from the PowerWindows, via USB ports.

2.The Disney Magic Bench

The Disney Research Team has literarily managed to bring the Disney Universe to life, through the first ever "Magic Bench". Disney fans will now be able take a sit and interact with some of their most popular cartoon characters, with no additional displays or any handheld devices needed. The optical illusion is possible due to a camera a sensor that captures info and analyzes in depth the layout of the bench and the person standing there. The information gathered is integrated in the 3D animations through algorithms and haptic sensors from within the bench will generate accurate vibrations in sync with the animated actions from the screen. As a direct result, visitors have the impression that the characters are there in person, occupying actual physical space. This truly special augmented reality experiment was introduced to the public in July, at the annual computer graphics conference and expo, in Los Angeles.

1. Artificial Intelligence For Self Driving Cars

One of the most intriguing announcements in 2017 belongs to Tim Cook, the renowned Apple CEO. During an interview with Bloomberg, Cook addressed the current issues faced by the auto industry. Cook took this opportunity to express the companies' major interest in future driverless cards, and mostly in the development of the initial Artificial Intelligence that will govern them.

Any of these major innovations deserve high-end appreciation, support and recognition, especially since each of them is only setting new grounds and the concrete possibility for even greater creations, much faster than anybody would have anticipated.

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