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Meditation (Photo : Reuters.com)

People who got the habit of practicing meditation are likely to experience minimal brain deterioration as they age than those who don't practice the art, says a new study from the University of California, according to Men's Health.

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Brain that shrink with age starting mid-20s is reported to deteriorate more slowly in long-term meditators, according to the study. Dr Florian Kurth, co-author of the study said that meditation is more like giving workout to the brain. She also added that mental activities would help the brain grow counteracting the damages caused of aging.

Kurth said that meditation would reduce stress and deleterious consequences of stress thereby slow down the damage caused to the brain. She noted about meditation that it is good to "Try to practice every day," reported Men's Health. "We know from scientific studies that after 4 to 6 weeks, you can actually see changes in the brain. You should notice a difference," said Kurth.

Meanwhile in another study conducted by researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reported that practicing meditation and yoga would reduce stress-based cognitive impairment and migraines.

According to Medical Daily, Dr. Rebecca Erwin Wells, the lead author of the study said that "My teammates and I noticed that yoga and meditation improved our flexibility and focus, but also made us feel better, not just when we were rowing but in our everyday lives."

Wells also noted that "This type of meditation is a safe and relatively simple intervention, and if it can delay cognitive decline and help relieve migraines, it could contribute to improved quality of life for many of these individuals."