• Obesity

Obesity (Photo : Reuters)

Rameshbhai Nandwana, a daily wage labour in a village in Gujrat, India wants to sell his kidney for the treatment of his three morbidly obese children. The desperate poor father of four who somehow manages to feed the overly hungry children plans to give away his kidney for their medical expense.

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Yogita, five year old daughter of Nandwana reportedly weighs 5st 5lbs, Anisha, three year old daughter of the impoverished 34 year old father weighs 7st 8lbs and 18 months old son Harsh weighs 2st 5lbs, according to Daily Mail. The children are said to have a great appetite that their parents have to feed them every week with the quantity of food that would be sufficient to feed two families for a month.

Nandwana said that few social workers had come forward to lend helping hand noting that it's not the food he is worried about but of the health issues his children might end up with. According to Mirror the loving father said that "We're terrified they will die. I am ready to sell my kidneys if the money can help in their treatment."

Pragna Ben, 30, mother of the overweight children said that the children cry and scream of hunger round the clock and she spends whole of her time in kitchen cooking for them. Meanwhile, Bhavika, 6 year old girl, eldest of the three children who has no health issues weighs an average of 2st 7lbs, according to Mail Online.

Dr. Akshay Mandavia, Consulting Pediatrician at Mandavia Children Hospital, in Gujarat said that the children have an abnormal accumulation of fat in their bodies. The doctor suspects that the children could be suffering from endocrine disease or Prader Willi Syndrome but noted that treatment can be given only after proper diagnosis is made.