• Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is supporting Manny Pacquiao. In fact, he has a hand-written letter given to the Filipino boxer also known as Pacman prior to his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Jones gave the letter to Pacquiao in his dressing room on April 30, Thursday, 247 Sports reported.

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In the letter, the Dallas Cowboys owner tells Pacquiao, "You are a credit to the sport of boxing. The way you conduct yourself speaks volumes about your character! I'm so proud of you. You are very special."

Moreover, Jones assured Pacquiao that the Dallas Cowboys are in his corner. He writes in the letter, which ESPN boxing commentator Dan Rafael tweeted, "Your fights at our stadium are points of pride for me. Wishing you much success. Good luck."

Recently, two-time Super Bowl-winning coach of the Giants, Bill Parcells, revealed that Jones actually passed on chance with Pacquiao.

According to Parcells, it was probably the summer of 2004 when he and Murad Muhammad, the then promote of Pacquiao, tried to sell Jones on the idea that the Filipino boxer was another cash cow.

"We went down there and (Muhammad) kind of made Jerry a proposal, and I don't know what it would have taken but I don't think it was really relatively that much (money) to keep Pacquiao in the fold," Parcells told New York Daily News.

For Parcells, there was not any doubt that Pacquiao was pretty good and he had the opinion Mayweather Jr.'s boxing opponent on May 2, Saturday, was an up- and-coming fighter.