• proposed 2016 new emojis

proposed 2016 new emojis (Photo : Facebook)

The California-based Unicode Consortium (UC) recommended adding 38 new emojis to the June 2016 roll out. Some of the emoji candidates include Selfie, Call Me, Avocado, Fox Face, Motor Scooter, and Mother Christmas.

UC's emoji subcommittee  standardizes the online emoji world. Earlier this month it submitted its recommendations for 2016's new emojis. Emoji is a term that originated in Japan. Such smileys or ideograms are included in various electronic messages and Web pages. 

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The UC emoji subcommittee submitted its official proposal of new emojis for encoding. It was in the Unicode Standard (ver. 9.0). UC's proposal  for new emojis stated that the electronic symbols were submitted for various reasons. They include high ease-of-use, much public demand, and "filling the gaps" of existing emojis, according to Digital Trends.

Some of the new emoticons were proposed for Unicode 8.0. Also, Yahoo UK influenced the choices  Glasses Clinking and Owl, according to Yahoo Tech.

The Unicode Technical Committee will vote whether or not to approve the proposed new emojis. Those electronic graphics approved will be included in the Unicode 9.0 update. The UC emoji sub-committee's proposal document includes some short notes that are sometimes witty. For example, combining the Left-Facing Fist and Right-Facing Fist can make a "fist bump."

This emoji news comes after the recent Unicode 8.0's expansion of emoji skin tones. Various on-board tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft are have already implemented them. 

UC will finalize the Unicode 8.0 update to the current set of emoji art in June. Most big tech companies will likely add the new emojis to their platforms' operating systems.