• Google Glass Second Version GG1

Google Glass Second Version GG1 (Photo : Twitter)

Search giant Google is reportedly all set to test the second version of Google Glass called GG1 while the company is yet to release its initial Google Glass which is a wearable gadget with an optical head-mounted glass screen. The new version is believed to offer additional features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given a seal of approval to the second version of Google Glass. According to the FCC documents filed on July 1, Google's new gadget is analogous to the original Google Glass. The new gadget will be equipped with a non-removable, rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth LE.

Albeit the FCC evidences do not hold detailed information on the gadget, a few hints indicate that it may just be the second version of Google Glass. One of the clues, the name GG1, indicates that the expansion can be Google Glass 1.

Another hint lays in the e-label by FCC, which means that the authorization label by FCC and UL is embedded in the gadget software rather than being physically printed on the product. The e-label screen capture looks uncannily similar to the one in a Google Glass device.

According to IBN Live, despite its benefits known for pivotal medical conditions, the hidden photographic and video recording capabilities of the original Google Glass were strongly opposed due to privacy reasons. Barring the privacy concern, the users could keep a tab of their social media updates, click photographs, watch videos and more with the previous version of the internet-enabled Google Glass.

The sale of the $1500 smart-glass was adjourned by Google in January due to controversies. However, in the same month, Nest CEO Tony Fadell announced Google Glass as an independent unit under him. He was assigned the responsibility to overhaul the smart-glass and relaunch. Since then, Google has been reportedly working on the project which hints towards producing an entire range of wearable gadgets, including the second version of the Glass.

Even though there is not much known about the second version of the Google Glass, according to a Wall Street Journal report in November 2014, the new version should be unleashed post the second half of 2015.