• George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin (Photo : YouTube/NIMF )

"The Winds of Winter" pre-orders are expected to begin soon.

The latest book in the "Game of Thrones" saga, which is four years in the making, is the sequel of "A Dance with Dragons".

Author George R R Martin confessed on being pre-occupied with the promotional events and other show related events which left him with little time on his hands to finish the book.

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The book is expected to be sold out as soon as it hits the shelves and "The Winds of Winter" pre-orders will be held within the year, according to iDigital Times. This book will reveal the fate of beloved character Jon Snow.

The ending of "A Dance with Dragons" portrayed that Snow was involved in a mutiny from the sworn brothers of the Night's Watch, who butchered him again and again until he fell down in his own pool of blood. Even the last season of the show ended on the same note, making fans really anxious about what will happen next in the story line, according to Veooz.

Many theories are being surfaced since the end of the last season of "Game of Thrones." Some people believe in the theory that Melisandre's return to Castle Black was no co-incidence and she will definitely play a major role in bringing back Snow to life.

It is also believed that Snow is an avatar of Azor Ahai, the knight who was responsible for the wiping out of the white walker the last time they were in power. Some are also anticipating that Snow will "warg" into his dire wolf Ghost, just like his half-brother Brad warges into Hodor and other animals.