• China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3.

China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3. (Photo : Reuters)

In line with the military parade scheduled on Sept. 3, which is part of China's commemoration of the conclusion of World War II, the Beijing Tiananmen Square road is getting an upgrade as it is being outfitted with an underlying explosion-proof layer.

According to local road maintenance officials, the additional explosion-proof layer underneath the Chang'an Avenue was made for both air defense and security purposes. In a report by news portal chinanews.com, the road is now 50 centimeters thicker than the average.

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Moreover, fences along the avenue are also being replaced with ones crafted with a traditional flower pattern carvings.

As an added preparation, a total of 215 flagstones will also be replaced after serving for over half a century. First laid in 1958, the flagstone road is 80 meters wide and 400 meters long.

Furthermore, roads and streets near the iconic square are also under renovation, making them more water-proof and durable.

The Tiananmen rostrum repainting, which typically starts in late August, commenced on July 19, a date earlier than customary.

China first announced its plans to celebrate the historic event in June. The upcoming military parade will be the first that will be held on a non-National Day occasion.

The parade will be composed of model Chinese troops, and should they participate, the invited foreign militaries as well.

Recently, the government has also unveiled the logo of the commemoration, highlighting a red-hued number "70" with five doves flying over it and a V-shaped Great Wall of China behind it.

According to the State Council Information Office, the letter V embodies the victory and the unity of the country, while the five birds are symbolic of key persons from five continents who worked hand in hand to fly toward a beautiful tomorrow. The doves also represents the Chinese people heading toward a great future.