• ‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 delayed confirmation due to insufficient funds.

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 12 delayed confirmation due to insufficient funds. (Photo : Twitter/Criminal Minds)

The highly anticipated "Criminal Minds" Season 11, set to premiere on Sept. 30, will more likely feature the most-awaited mother and son reunion, after nearly seven seasons.

It seems like the upcoming season will see the return of Diana (Jane Lynch), who is Spence Reid's (Matthew Gray Gubler) mother, as the crew is reportedly looking for a reason to bring her back.

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"With Glee finished and [Lynch's new show Angel From Hell] is on CBS ... I don't think that will be a problem. We absolutely want her back. I've talked to Matthew about it. We've got to find a reason to bring her back because I don't want it to be unrealistic or just to have her. And we want to be able to use her well too," Executive Producer Eric Messer, toldTVGuide.

The mother and son relationship has been strained throughout the series and it was in Season 4 that fans got to see Diana for the last time, but even in "Criminal Minds" Season 9, there were mentions of her character, when Reid for postcards from his mother indicating that she was doing better. However, for Diana's return in the show, Messer has also added that there needs to be a dramatic reason, which the crew is trying to figure out.

As for the new characters, Aisha Tyler will be joining the cast as Dr Tara Lewis, working with Behavioral Analyst Unit (BAU). She is a forensic psychologist with special focus on criminal cases, Entertainment Weeklyreported.

Tyler's character Dr Lewis is rumored to be Reid's new romantic interest. Actress Marisol Nichols will reportedly have a guest role, while "The Mentalist" actor, Tim Kang, has been cast in a recurring role.

Rumor has it that Actor Jackie Chan will also make a guest appearance in the "Criminal Minds" Season 11, though there is no official word about it.