• "Mortal Kombat X" is likely to receive the Pit stage DLC as a part of this week's big news

"Mortal Kombat X" is likely to receive the Pit stage DLC as a part of this week's big news (Photo : YouTube)

With the much awaited "Mortal Kombat X" Kombat Kast announcement just a day away, fans will more likely be able to take advantage of a glitch that makes Sorcerer Quan Chi incredibly overpowered, only for a few hours, as it is expected to be hotfixed on Aug. 31, Monday.

Earlier last week, brothers Ketchup and Mustard, discovered a technique that allowed Quan Chi in his Sorcerer variation to place multiple spells simultaneously, Shoryuken reported.

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Two videos on how this drains the opponent's meter, while giving Quan Chi a legitimate 100% combo involving guaranteeing the chip, along with a detailed walkthrough was shared. Here is how players can reproduce it:

First of all, gamers have to use Quan Chi's Hex spell (DD2) and let it run out for 10 seconds. Exactly a second after the Hex disappears; summon the Armour spell (DD2). Now players can summon a Hex spell on the 8th second, even with the Armour spell being active.

Just as the Armour spell disappears, players can summon another Hex, after which, players can place whichever spell that fits the situation and keep the loop as long as they wish.

However, the glitch will more likely be hotfixed on Aug. 31, Monday along with the Kombat Kast update that was announced a few days back, though there is no official word about the hotfix. With the latest Kombat Kast, Nether Realm is also expected to announce the next Kombat Pack, though there has been no official word about it.

In other news, Warner Brothers have cancelled the much awaited "Mortal Kombat X" release for last generation consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which was delayed more than once, since the launch of the game. Players who have pre-ordered these console versions of the game will have a full refund, IGN reported.