• Aside from Peking University, there are only about 30 Chinese colleges that offer sex education.

Aside from Peking University, there are only about 30 Chinese colleges that offer sex education. (Photo : www.chinahush.com)

College students in China are gravely lacking sex education classes, with only around 30 universities out of more than 2,500 in the country having some form of sex education classes available for young adults who are oftentimes lost when it comes to their sexuality, according to a report by Chinese-language newspaper Want Daily.

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According to a survey by Beijing-based newspaper Guangming Daily, only 300 college students out of 976 have received any kind of sex education from their school.

A sophomore from Shaanxi Province has said that none of his roommates in his dorm have seen a condom. Also, a PhD student has said that she did not even know of any university that holds sex education classes.

According to Peng Xiaohui, a sex education professor at Central China Normal University, aside from his own university, only Peking University, Qufu Normal University and 30 other universities have sex education classes. He added that even in these universities, only about 8 percent of students can register for these classes.

While cheap hotels that offer rooms for hourly rental are common within the vicinity of college campuses, college students have little education or support to enter the world of adult sexuality.

Peng said that without instruction from respected authority figures, several male college students have learned about sex from pornography, books and the Internet, all of which he calls inadequate resources for a mature understanding of sexuality, especially with regard to issues like safe sex, respect and consent.

Yao Jinxian, who teaches sex education in Peking University, the lack of knowledge about sex has reached frightening levels, mentioning a female student who thought she was dying when she had her first period. Peng also cited a male sophomore who severed his genitals after experiencing nocturnal emissions.