• Paul Walker played Brian O'Conner in James Wan's "Fast and Furious 7."

Paul Walker played Brian O'Conner in James Wan's "Fast and Furious 7." (Photo : Instagram/fastandfurious7_official)

The mourning fans of the late Paul Walker are likely to find some respite in "Fast & Furious 8" as he is said to have been brought back to life on-screen.

Recent reports stated that although Walker's character Brian O'Connor was seen choosing a different life and parting ways with his friend Dominic Torreto, played by Vin Diesel, the makers of the movie are planning to bring back the character by including multiple flashback scenes through CGI and computer imagery, .

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The rumor started when it was reported that Jordana Brewster is going to reprise her role as Mia Torreto in "Fast & Furious 8." The actress had played the role of Vin Diesel's on-screen sister and Walker's wife in the past instalments. Her inclusion has triggered the speculation that Walker's character may be appearing in the movie through flashbacks, Christian Post reported.

Walker died in a tragic car accident in November 2013 while the filming of "Fast & Furious 7" was still on. Cody Walker, the late actor's look-alike brother, was roped in and used as a body double to complete the movie at the time.

It was widely reported that Cody will also appear in the eighth instalment playing the role of O'Connor's younger cousin. However, it is now confirmed that the 27-year-old is not in the casting list of the upcoming movie.

What has been confirmed is that Michelle Rodriguez will reprise her role as Lorreto's wife, Letty Ortiz-Toretto. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will return as Agent Luke Hobbs while Jason Statham will continue playing Deckard Shaw.

Diesel has also confirmed that "Fast & Furious 8" is also the first part of another trilogy that will eventually end the series, MTV News reported.