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China wants to increase the role of the family in giving care to the elderly, especially since the country's elderly population is growing rapidly.

According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, caring for the aging population will be part of the country's national plan

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"China will actively respond to population aging and include it as part of China's national plan for development," said Li Bin, the minister of the organization during the 2014 World Family Summit.

"The government will help families increase their capacity for elder care and provide more training to them," Li added.

To ensure that the rapidly aging population will receive the attention they need, China will employ social security and health support networks for the elderly.

The country also plans to establish a better environment for the elderly people to be served. To do so, the government will form policies that would be focused on the family. The role of the family in ensuring the well-being of the elderly cannot be denied; as such, they would be given the assistance and resources to help them care of the elderly better.

According to the vice head for family affairs under the commission, He Zhaohua, the ability of the family to ensure the health and welfare of the elderly people should not be disregarded.

"There are tens of thousands of old people in China that have lost the ability to work, and it is very difficult to build enough institutions to care for all of them," he said.

"We are researching possible policies to provide better care for the increasing number of our aging population, and family will play a better role," he added.