• Tesla Confirms Plans For New Supercharger Station In Goulburn

Tesla Confirms Plans For New Supercharger Station In Goulburn (Photo : Getty Images)

Despite a report that a Tesla Model S electric vehicle burned in Norway while charging, the car manufacturer assured motorists that it is safe to use its quick-charging stations across the world.

The battery-powered vehicle was charging at a supercharger station when it caught fire. According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, the 2014 Tesla Model S was left at the station by the owner when it burst into flames.

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Because the vehicle is powered by lithium-ion batteries, it could not be doused by water. Norwegian firefighters sealed off the area and sprayed the burning vehicle with a special foam, reports Extreme Tech.

The cause of the fire could not be explained, so Tesla will conduct an extensive research to find the reason behind the sudden blaze. However, it is not the first incident of a burning Tesla car.

In October 2013, another Tesla vehicle burned after the driver ran over a large metallic object south of Seattle. The incident scared investors who sold their stocks and caused value of the company established by Elon Musk to drop to $2.4 billion.

The accident punctured the chassis and battery back. As a result of the 2013 fire, Tesla reinforced all Model S vehicles with a titanium underbody shield and issued a firmware update that elevates the vehicle when traveling at higher speeds.

Despite the 2013 incident, Tesla eventually continued to enjoy higher sales and reported a 2015 shipment of 50,580 vehicles last year.