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The Chinese government has announced a slew of proposals to assist couples looking to have a second child.
China to Roll Out Moves to Promote Two-Child Policy As Couples Remain Reluctant to Have Second Child

Jane Sun, currently CEO of China’s largest online travel services company Ctrip, has embarked on a fulfilling journey to the top of the Chinese travel boom.
Ctrip CEO Jane Sun’s Journey on Boosting China’s Travel Industry, Fighting Aging Problem

Companion robots help solve another problem in China--the nation’s aging population.
Demand for Companion Robots Surge as People Get Busier

Granny looks out of the window patiently waiting for her husband and daughter to come home.
Wanted: Granddaughter for Hire

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Seniors enjoying their retirement.
Luxurious Elder-Care Home Attracts Wealthy Seniors in Shanghai

The effects of China's two-child policy will be felt in 20 years.
Effect of China’s Two-child Policy Good for the Economy in 20 Years, Says Expert

Chinese factories turn to automation to solve workforce crisis.
China's Dwindling Working Age Population Causes Surge in Automation

China will have more elderly people who will be unfit for work by 2020.
China’s Senior Citizenry Seen to Increase; Productivity Under Threat by 2020

New data from the National Bureau of Statistics reveals that the population now sits at 1,373,490,000 people, after increasing by 0.5 percent annually since 2010.
China Population Growth Slows Down as Number of Elderly Increases

For the people who have seen them perform, Suiyuan Old Boys show that life doesn’t end once you go into retirement, and old age is not a hindrance to having fun.
China's Aging Population Poses Risk to Health Care and More: Survey

China's elderly and aging population can now avail of the new Sivantos hearing aids.
German Firm Introduces Hearing Aid for China’s Aging Population

A Chinese care worker holds children on her lap as she cares for them at a foster care center in Beijing, April 2, 2014.
China Lifts One-child Policy, Couples Now Allowed Two Children

China's one-child policy has resulted in a fast-aging population.
China's Aging Population to Result in Labor Shortage

Visitors will be delighted with Beijing Aquarium's underwater dragon dance, which will be the highlight of the aquarium's Spring Festival show.
Tips on How to Let Elderly Enjoy Spring Festival in Internet Era Making Waves

China's population is expected to increase by 1 million more in 2015.
China Forecasts 1 Million More Births in 2015

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