Monday, 15th, 2018 | 9:08AM Updated

The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”
UFO conspiracy theorist killed by the real 'Men in Black'? [Video Included]

A baffled Eva Airlines passenger believes that he recorded the sight of at least eight UFOs in the sky beneath the plane's right wing
UFO Sightings News: Witness Video Shows Multiple UFOs Flying Under Jetliner

UFO Over Coney Island
Coney Island Residents Claim Seeing Craft Similar To Rebel Alliance Space Ship Over New York Skies

Houston UFO
Houston Resident Reports ‘Strange Lights’ In Skies

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UFO Lenoir
North Carolina Resident Films Star-Like UFO

UFO Triangle
California Resident Reports Dark UFO Triangle Sighting Over Livermore Highway

UFO Truth Magazine
ET Conference At Holmfirth Attracts 200 UFO Believers

North Carolina UFO
Merseyside Resident Films Diamond-Shaped UFO

Port Jefferson UFO
New Yorker Claims Seeing Boomerang-Shaped UFO Over Port Jefferson

JLENS Aerostat
Colorado Witness Claim Seeing UFO Head Towards NORAD

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