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Demi Lovato performs at TD Garden on July 20, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Demi Lovato accused of stealing material from indie band Sleigh Bells

Black hole collision generated gravitational waves more powerful than out put of all the stars in the universe
ALMA Scientists observed black hole consuming cold gas

A new discovery by a team of scientists conducting their research in Chile has shed new light to the mysterious intricacies of black holes.
Scientists discovered that rain falls in black holes

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) took the image of 50-Earth long plasma filament, which divided the sun into two hemispheres. The photo was taken by SDO  and was updated on NASA's website yesterday.
Most Stars Have Magnetic Fields 10 Million Times Stronger Than Earth

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How much would you weigh on another star? The timescale of turbulence and vibration at a star's surface, based on its brightness variations, tells you its surface gravity.
New Method Reveals Gravity of Stars to Find Habitable Planets

Kepler Telescope View
Kepler Telescope Spots Star That Could Indicate Alien Life

Rare Ancient Stars Discovered, Could Crack Stellar Origin Mystery

RCW 34
ESO Astronomers Witnessed the 'Champagne Flow' of Stars

Galaxy Spotting
Nasty 1: Wolf-Rayet Star Uncovered By NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Has Disk Of Gas

W75N(B)-VLA 2 Images Show Development Of Star Over 18 Years

Stars Sing
Dolphins and Bats Can Hear the Sound of the Stars; Humans Cannot Hear Due to Frequency Issue

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