• Stars Sing

Stars Sing (Photo : Facebook/PopSci)

As if the distant stars were not already a mystery for the human beings, scientists now reveal that these shining little balls of fire can emit their own mysterious sound too.

According to a new report by Physical Sciences Research Council, scientists have revealed that stars can make their own sounds. The scientists at the University of New York stumbled down upon this fact when they were studying Plasma.

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Physical Review Letters has published this chance discovery. According to this report, the scientists took some high intensity lasers and shot them at the plasma and then they observed some sound waves which started to originate. This sound wave originated from the high density parts of the plasma and travelled towards the low density parts of the plasma and created "noise" in the way.

The report further reveals that this sound cannot be heard by the human ear as it was of a very high frequency, but it can be heard by dolphins and bats. With a frequency nearly as high as a trillion hertz, humans can only hear the sound waves which are present at a frequency almost 6 million times lower to this value. So no, humans can absolutely cannot witness this newly found marvel unless and until the scientists find a way to convert this frequency in to an audible range of sound wave.

According to Popular Science, this is the exact reason why we have never been able to witness this beautiful phenomenon before. We need to be present in a vacuum with a star, to be able to hear this "noise" that it emits.

This rare acoustic discovery is just a starting point, the scientists are now working towards developing something which could enable human beings to hear the sounds which are emitted by the stars.