Thursday, 15th, 2018 | 10:46PM Updated

Annual Tree Lighting and SCC Grant Ceremony
Is Viral Story on Boy Dying in Santa’s Arm Fake News?

Chinese Villagers Examined By Cancer Specialists
Chinese Father Who Raises $290,000 Donations for Sick Daughter Turns Out to be Wealthy

37th AFI Life Achievement Award on TV Land Prime - Show
Fake News Article that Bob Dylan Rejected Nobel Prize of Literature goes Viral in China

Black police officer: 'Black people kill more other blacks than police do'

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First Xian Sex Culture Festival Opens
Chinese Netizens Angry at Textbook which Says Premarital Sex for Women is Wrong

Stolen Chicken Leg
Netizens Raise 800,000 Yuan for Jiangsu Woman Who Stole Chicken Leg for Sick Daughter

Breast Massage Training
New Mothers Seek Regulation of Breastfeeding Massage Business

Wife of Lei Yang
Lei Yang’s Wife Seeks Answer from Police after Environmentalist Dies in Custody 50 Minutes from Arrest

Chengdu University Dorm
Chengdu University Student Beheads Dorm Mate Whose Singing He Could not Stand

Wuhan Internet Cafe
Chinese Teenager Dies from Electric Shock after Unplugging Phone from Computer

Waste Water Discharged By A Garments Factory In Chengdu
Students Fall Ill after School Moves beside Former Chemical Plants in Jiangsu

Apple Inc. Launches iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus In China
International Women’s Day Essay of 9-Year-old Chinese Boy about Mother Too Busy on Mobile Phone Goes Viral on Weibo

Zhenai company made marketing blunders focusing on child trafficking and death penalty that resulted in the dismissal of an unnamed employee.
Chinese Dating Site Fires Employee After Death Penalty Message

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