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Xinjiang is home to more than half of China's Muslim population.
Xinjiang Officials Took Part in Terrorist Activities: Regional Watchdog

Larger vehicles tend to be more susceptible to anti-tank missiles due to their size and lack of maneuverability.
China Focused on Domestic Terrorism, Prefers Non-interference

Located in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China, the Taklimakan Desert is also recognized as the second largest shifting-sand desert in the world, next to Sahara Desert in Africa.
Desertification: New Hurdle of the Silk Road

President Xi Jinping meets with 13 outstanding grassroots ethnic solidarity representatives at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
President Xi, 13 Ethnic Minority Representatives Join National Day Celebration

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In Yu Zhengsheng's visit to Kashgar, the top political advisor called for ethnic unity.
Before Xinjiang Autonomy Anniversary, Central Government Delegates Visit Kashgar

A local store sells toys and other mementos in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Mandarin-speaking Young American Travels by Motorcycle in China's Countryside

Over 2,000 residents in southern Xinjiang’s Hotan Prefecture have applied for a passport in two weeks.
Improved Passport Policies Implemented in Xinjiang

The measure was discussed in a meeting led by Guo Shengkun, public security minister and head of China’s anti-terrorism leading group.
Beijing Journalists Take a Tour at Xinjiang After a Year of Security, Government Administration Development

An undated photo showing several snowdrop flowers allegedly picked by hikers in Mount Tianshan, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.
Hikers Who Picked Snowdrops in Xinjiang Draw Outrage Online

The widely circulated online photo of the so-called
Xinjiang Man Finds World’s Smallest 'Jumping Mouse'

Authorities have called for an improvement in the legal system and in social security to safeguard the rights and interests of the mentally disabled women and their family members.
Beijing Police Patrolling on High Alert for Terrorist Threats

Hardwicke also directed
‘Twilight’ Director Hardwicke to Shoot China-Hollywood Film ‘Loulan’

The measure was discussed in a meeting led by Guo Shengkun, public security minister and head of China’s anti-terrorism leading group.
Xinjiang Busts 181 Terror Groups in Intense Year-Long Campaign

China is hopeful that the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre will boost art exchange.
Xinjiang’s Dance Fest to Commence in July, Aims to Foster Global Cultural Exchanges

Rising e-commerce firm Vipshop eyes to diversify its products and expand customer base.
Online Retailer Vipshop Institutes Headquarters in Xinjiang

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