• Dragon TV is set to debut the second season of "Sisters Over Flowers" on March 5.

Dragon TV is set to debut the second season of "Sisters Over Flowers" on March 5. (Photo : Wikimedia)

The budget travel show "Sisters Over Flowers" is set to return to Shanghai's Dragon TV for its second season on March 5, according to a Monday press conference in Shanghai, as reported by the Global Times.

Season 2 is set to star actresses Lin Chi-ling and Wang Lin, who will continue their journey by going to South America. They will be joined by new hosts Song Dandan, Jin Chen and Jiang Yan.

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"Sisters Over Flowers" was originally a South Korean travel-reality show that aired on TVN. The original series features four actresses--Youn Yuh-jung, Kim Ja-ok, Kim Hee-ae and Lee Seung-gi--who were accompanied by the significantly younger singer-actor Lee Seung-gi who served as their luggage boy.

The Chinese version of the show featured five actresses paired with two younger actors, Ma Tianyu and Aarif Lee, as their luggage boys for the first season. All seven of them traveled to Turkey and Italy.

The show became a hit on Dragon TV after it debuted on March 15, 2015.

The two luggage boys for the second season have yet to be revealed. During the press conference, organizers said that their identities would only be revealed during the debut of the new season.

The press conference did reveal that the group would tour the beaches and jungles of South America, as well as Iguazu Falls on the borders of Argentina and Brazil.

Song, a 54-year-old comedienne, joked that she had some reservations about appearing on the show at her age.

"I'd heard of a show called 'Grandpas Over Flowers,' so I thought I was going to join 'Grandmas Over Flowers,'" Song said.

Song was referring to the original South Korean travel-reality show that featured four veteran actors. Since the show's inception, it has spawned several remakes and spin-offs, including the South Korean and Chinese versions of "Sisters Over Flowers."